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Stories with a Heart

Video Productions

Video Memoirs
and Biographies

Imagine how excited you'd feel if you came upon a photo or recording of your great-grandparents, or a famous (or infamous) relative from long ago! And then imagine if you were able to hear and see them tell you about their life in their own voice.


Now, just think about how excited current and future generations of your own family will be to hear the stories about your life or that of your relatives.


Everyone has memories and stories but too often they become forgotten or simply fade away over time...and then the opportunity to save and pass them along is gone.

Don't let your stories slip away!


I'll work with you to record and share your stories and memories in a personalized documentary. The stories you choose to share might be joyful, funny, serious, inspirational, old family-favorites, or perhaps ones you've never shared before. The stories in the video can cover your whole life or a particular event.


​Videotaped interviews are woven together with family photos, videos, films,  and mementos to create a professionally edited program delivered on DVD, flash drive, or digital file that will preserve your family's or community's stories for generations to come.​

The early days of a long, well-lived life

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