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Stories with a Heart

Video Productions


I've received lots of positive feedback from satisfied clients and viewers of my personal history videos and other programs.

Bedford Memories: Stories of a Small Town


"It was fun to sit next to my mother-in-law who has lived in Bedford almost 60 years and hear the delight in her spontaneous exclamations throughout the video. Later, my sister-in-law called to tell me how much my mother-in-law enjoyed the video, and how she felt a sense of pride hearing others speak about the community. Great job capturing so many stories and making a snapshot of the town’s history come alive!
I look forward to sharing this fabulous video with the rest of the family including my teenagers."


"You did a fantastic job capturing the history our little town through the eyes of the elders and photographs. Thank you."


"WOW what a really nice job. Boy seeing some of the pictures and hearing from some of the older Bedfordites brought back so many memories. Thank you these memories."

"I saw the video today & some of my Bedford family & others that I know were in that video.......great memories, awesome job!!"


Other Projects


"This is just fabulous! My husband and I were so impressed with what you've done!​ 
How ever did you find those wonderful old photos of the very places of memory? 
They really added a lot to the whole piece, as did your placement of the ones from my family archives."

"Thank you so much for this video! I've shared it with many friends and family members and they're all so thrilled with it."

"Leslie did a wonderful job of working with my 83 year old mother to capture a lifetime of memories. Even though mom has dementia, Leslie patiently allowed her story to unfold in a very natural way. The lighting was perfect and Leslie worked in a way that put my mother at ease resulting in capturing her at her best. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!"


"I just watched the video of granny on youtube, very cool that she is was still able to remember alot of those details."


"Leslie was videographer for twenty of the interviews in Carleton-Willard’s World War II Memories Project.  We were delighted with her creativity and attention to detail and obvious interest in the project. She is a faultless editor and amazingly adept at finding appropriate illustrative material."


"Amazement and excitement were the two main reactions. For my children, having a family tradition to show and pass on to their families they felt was super. For my sister, it was a way to relive an important annual happening in our childhood family. Everyone remarked on the quality of the production aspect and we all thank you for preserving this tradition in such an unusual way."
"I showed the recipe video to my parents and they said: "You look like a real TV pro - you tell it better than Rachel Ray". What a compliment for how Leslie put this video together!"

"My kids were completely surprised and it was so much fun -- I can't even describe what a great time they had watching the video of me making the popovers! They totally loved it."

"The video that Leslie created for me is both beautiful and useful, and  it will be enjoyed by my family for decades to come."


"I saw the video you did of my Dad and it was EXCELLENT.  I am glad he was in good form that day.  Thanks so much."

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