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Video Productions

About Me

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I'm a video producer and personal historian.


I've lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for over thirty years and enjoy supporting my community through volunteering. I've served on the boards of directors for the Bedford Farmers' Market and the Friends of the Bedford Library, as well as on many committees including the Bedford Cultural Council, Bedford Center for the Arts, Bedford Business Education Alliance, and the Bedford Community Table/Pantry.  I'm currently a volunteer with the Bedford Food Bank and Bedford TV.

Some of my recent video production experience includes:

Community Programs

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, created a video to publicize the wonderful work done by 
    Operation: Feed the Soul.

  • Conceptualized and produced Bedford Memories: Stories of a Small Town, a living-history documentary that chronicles life in Bedford, MA throughout the last century as it grew from a small farming community to the vibrant town it is today. It features stories from many longtime residents who shared their memories of a town that’s a wonderful place to live and work. Interwoven with historical photos, the interviews present engaging and often amusing snapshots of Bedford life in the days long before computers, cell phones, and even traffic lights.


Video Memoirs and Biographies

  • I produce video documentaries that include more than a basic interview. Family photos, films, and mementos, woven into the stories make them come alive.


World War II Memories Project

  • Videotaped and edited interviews of twenty men and women who lived through WWII

  • The project won The LeadingAge Massachusetts 2013 Program Innovation of the Year Award

  • The project was featured in the Boston Globe and other media as a prime example of how older generations can share their personal stories through video

  • The videos have been shown on cable television and donated to the local historical society and high school for future study


Food and Culture Projects

  • Produced and directed What's Cooking Bedford: Celebrating Cultural Diversity One Meal at Time, a documentary celebrating ways that food can help people stay connected to their cultural heritages

  • Created a video cookbook of home-style Sri Lankan cuisine

  • Video showcasing vendors and food available at a local farmers' market

  • Produced a "live" Iron Chef competition

  • Create Flavorful Memories videos with individual clients who want to pass along favorite recipes, traditions and food memories to their families


A Few Other Projects

  • A promotional video for the children's book I Remember the Farm

  • A music video for the duo From a Distance

  • A number of video slide shows from clients' family photographs

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