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Stories with a Heart

Video Productions


I've had the privilege of working on many projects that don't quite fit into my other categories. It's always a pleasure to have variety, and I welcome the challenges each one brings. Here are just a few:

Ballroom dancing is life-changing at a Cambridge, MA assisted living home. There's a surprising twist half-way through the video.

Meg Newhouse marched against climate change with The Elders Climate Action group and talks about the importance of getting involved for causes you believe in.

Painter and writer John Newcomb talks about the inspiration behind his new children's book, I Remember the Farm.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, Troop 71627 interviewed 96-year old Mary Welch who was involved in scouting for her entire life.

A Home Energy Assessment PSA produced for Mothers Out Front

Marion Bryan is  beloved long-time substitute teacher who still enjoys her job at the age of 91

Mort Walker, a life-long cartoonist who sees no need to retire

From a Distance is a duo whose music broadly represents many styles, cultures, and nationalities in the tradition of balladeers, folk singers, and troubadours worldwide

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