Age is Only a Number

Moving from Foot to Foot
Part of the "Age is Only a Number" series, this video shows the surprising impact that participating in ballroom dancing can have on older adults.
An Activist at Any Age
Part of the "Age is Only a Number" series, this video features Meg Newhouse, a member of Elders Climate Action, who "walks the walk", and knows the importance of being actively engaged at any age.

Video Memoirs

Reminiscences of childhood Christmases

Reflections on being a male Girl Scout leader

A lifetime of resilience

Reflections on a brother's loss

A Jesuit priest's first assignment

Growing up in Paris during WWII

Fond memories of the 1959 Girl Scout Roundup

A family tree photo gallery

Flavorful Memories

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What's Cooking, Bedford?

Short clips from a documentary about food & culture -how the food people prepare and eat helps them stay connected to their heritage

Music with The Leathermen

The English Christmas Pudding Caper

Sharing a beloved family tradition

in a modern way

Music with From a Distance

Community Histories

Bedford Memories: Stories of a Small Town
This hour-long documentary chronicles life in Bedford, MA throughout the last century as it grew from a small farming community to the vibrant town it is today. It features the stories of longtime Bedford residents who shared their memories of a town that’s a wonderful place to live and work. Interwoven with historical photos, the interviews present engaging and often amusing snapshots of Bedford life in the days long before computers and cell phones.